She came, she saw, she saved

Meet Jharkhand’s ‘Lady Tarzan’, whose army of 10,000 women is protecting forests from the illegal logger


She carefully lifts her yellow glittering sari and climbs the steps to the stage. The blinding spotlight makes her squint at the audience waiting in the dark silence. With an audio device pinned to the back of her blouse, a mouthpiece snakes its way around her head to sit stiffly on one cheek, even as her face breaks into a cold sweat. “My name is Jamuna Tudu,” she begins in a quivering voice, “and I nearly paid with my life to keep the forests alive.”

Jamuna is 37 and this is one of the first few times she has travelled out of her village, Maturkham, in Jharkhand’s Purbi Singhbhum district. A journey to New Delhi is rarer still. In August this year, the NITI Aayog recognised Jamuna as one of the 12 “Women transforming India”. This time around (in November), she’s in the Capital to speak as one of the “women changing the world”, at an event jointly hosted by NITI Aayog and Shift Series, an education and leadership foundation....Read more


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