Actvists say faster trial need of hour

The latest crime against a teenage girl in the city left women activists and NGOs fuming at the police callousness. Activists say that in spite of repeated assurances, cops are yet to step up patrolling in many parts of the city and women remain vulnerable to crimes.

Also seeking faster trial in such cases, activists say police have to do much more to ensure safety of women in Delhi. "The police simply cannot afford to be soft in these cases. Because cops don't come down hard enough on culprits in such cases, criminals feel they can always get away. Something is seriously wrong with the law and enforcement in the city because within a short span of few weeks, so many incidents have been reported. The law is too lax. We need to make an example out of people accused in crimes against women so it acts as a deterrent. Trials have to be faster," said Ranjana Kumari from Centre for Social for more



Source Web Page: Times of India

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