Not the same old story

Nature, wildlife, conservation, the epics… Vikram Sridhar draws from these to create evocative tales

Outside, the yellow of the sun has just turned orange. Inside, at Ashvita Nirvana, we are asked to gather at the Yellow Room. Theatre practitioner and performance storyteller from Bangalore, Vikram Sridhar, sits cross-legged on the floor. Around him are 30-odd people — a few lean on the yellow walls munching momos, a few others upright, like in a classroom. Vikram, who has been in the field for over a decade, starts with asking the members to describe themselves without telling their names, but, instead, associating themselves with a colour. It takes a while before the participants warm up to the idea, and share a personal memory from their lives with the rest.

With the introductions done, Vikram takes off on a monologue about the story of a little girl called Maya, who was amputated after the Nepal earthquake last year (April 25). “It is a real story that I came across in a news article,” says Vikram.................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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