Dropout, monk and billionaire: The story of Manoj Bhargava

If you were asked to name some of the world's richest Indians ­ both local and diaspora, you'd probably think of the Ambanis or Narayana Murthy or Azim Premji. Among diaspora Indians, there's Romesh Wadhwani and Vinod Khosla. Wadhwani, according to Forbes, is worth around $2.8 billion. Khosla, around $1.72 billion. Not many would name Manoj Bhargava, who is believed to be worth around $4 billion.

Bhargava was born in Lucknow in 1953, and moved to the US in 1967, at the age of fourteen. He joined Princeton University, but dropped out after a year. He returned to India and lived as a monk in an ashram for twelve years. Bhargava spent his 20s traveling between monasteries owned and tended by an ashram called Hanslok. It was more like a commune, he says, but without the drugs. He did his share of chores, helped run a printing press and worked construction jobs for the ashram..................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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