Are lights increasing your electricity bill?

How often does your electricity bill shock you? Do you wonder how your bill is so high even when you don’t use high-consumption appliances much? Ever given a thought to light bulbs and fixtures? No? Well, you should, because these can form as much as 25-30% of your monthly electricity bill. Reason enough to pay close attention to the type of light bulbs you use, and whether it’s time to change them. When you do the math, it’s difficult to calculate both the cost efficiency and energy of light bulbs. Mint Money takes a look at different types of bulbs used and their efficiency. Here are two terms we must understand before we move any further: wattage and lumens. Wattage measures the amount of electrical power a light bulb consumes. Watt is a measure of power or energy. Lumen is a measure of brightness, i.e. the amount of light the bulb will provide. Keep both in mind when purchasing a light bulb. A higher wattage doesn’t mean higher lumens; but higher the lumens per watt, the brighter is the for more

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