When Dolls Narrate Mythology

Lifeless they hang on a line, in all sizes and colours. But in less than half an hour, they will spring to life and speak in six different voices ranging from a gushing bride-to-be to a 147-year-old man with a flowing beard.

This was at Sri Murugan Sangeetha Bommalatta Sabha’s backstage during the Mylapore Festival, where the generations-old puppetry troupe from Kumbakonam was all set to stage Valli Thirumanam.

“Our troupe has about 300 puppets. We had 1,000 at one point,” says TS Murugan, who runs the show. “Each puppet takes about 10-15 days to make and costs about `40,000-50,000. These puppets were made during my grandfather’s time. We still make them but with a few minor tweaks.”..............Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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