The storyteller with 6,000 grandchildren

Sarla Minni, a Bangalore-based retired teacher and grandmother, liked recording stories which she would then send to her grandson, grand-nephews and nieces. One of her nieces, Parul Rampurya, shared the recordings with her friends, and they were a runaway success with their children. Rampurya urged her aunt to make it a weekly feature and throw it open to a wider audience.

So, in March Minni christened herself Kahaniwali Naani (the grandmother who tells stories) and began sending weekly stories to her subscribers via WhatsApp audio messages.

Impersonal interaction

The stories are usually eight minutes long, in Hindi or English, mostly folktales, often featuring animals. “I research folktales from all over the world, read different versions of each story. Then I work on a script, record it and send it to my niece and daughter who give me feedback. After I hear from them, I broadcast it to my subscribers. I try to improvise the stories I read, so that they can be understood by even toddlers, but I try to make them interesting to pre-teens as well.”...Read more


Source web page: The Hindu

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