The real luxury in life is doing nothing

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that you’ll brush your teeth tomorrow morning. You don’t squander precious mental space evaluating whether or not brushing your teeth is worth the opportunity cost of let’s say, another five minutes of sleep. The same is true for showering, going to the bathroom, grooming your nails and facial hair. We clean our homes with a myriad of dust-sucking devices and chemical concoctions, or hire people to do so more thoroughly than we can. We even make sure to wash the car every so often.

As a people, we seem to be pretty vigilant about physical hygiene. We clean and cream our bodies, and take them out for a walk, much like we do for our dogs. We do so robotically, without wasting time in evaluating questions like, “Should I take out the trash today?” Even if we don’t do it today, you can bet it’ll be done before the week is out. Sadly, the same cannot be said for our mental hygiene. When was the last time you really cleaned the crevices of your mind?...Read more


Source web page:Times of India

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