The hands that go up

Better access now to sleeker versions (phones) with good cameras has led to intense competition.

Devotional fervour is at its peak, if overcrowded temples are any indication. Queues to the main shrines wind several metres long. Even the so-called special entry option does not seem to help the situation. Festivals are a different story altogether, with devotees making a beeline to the temple well in advance leading to a veritable stampede at the appointed hour.

Tensions and worries, wants and wishes or simple thanksgiving – reasons for visiting a temple could be anything. But the underlying idea is to forget ‘self’ and melt in the presence of the Supreme, even as the eyes take in the proceedings. Right? Not quite, going by the trend among visitors to the temples these days. The hands that fold in prayer are busy taking pictures. Yes, bhakti has been hijacked by this fever to capture images on gadgets..................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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