China Wants the House Church to Vanish

05/15/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In the 2018 superhero film Avengers: Infinity War, when the villain Thanos snaps his fingers with the preeminent Infinity Gauntlet, half of the world vanishes, leaving an “ideal world” for the 50% who survive the snap.

Today, in the non-fiction world, Beijing wants to follow suit and make all of the unregistered churches in China vanish, so that only the state-sanctioned Three-Self churches remain.

The census published by the communist regime in 2018 states that there are nearly 40 million Christians in China. Given the discrete nature of underground churches, some experts believe that the actual number of Christians falls between 80 million and 100 million.

This number concerns Beijing. It nearly surpasses the 89 million member Chinese Communist Party (CCP). A clash of ideology is bound to happen – Your Party is your God versus one loving and just God, Sino-centrism versus “evil foreign influence,” and socialism versus universal principles.

On top of that, CCP cannot afford to see its regime threatened by any mass of people it feels like it cannot control, even if the latter has no intention to overthrow the Party. Christians, Falun Gong practitioners, and Uyghur Muslims alike inevitably become thorns in their eyes.

Since President Xi came to power in 2013, he has deliberately targeted Christians from the underground church, oppressing them with harassment, threats, imprisonment, and torture, while trying to ensure that the state-sanctioned churches remain loyal.

Last month, according to credible sources, Beijing initiated a new campaign against house churches called “Return to Zero.” The goal is to “dismantle the scale [of churches], dissolve the organization, and dismiss the church.”Read more

Source web page: Persecution

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