Sanskrit is at home in these Mumbai households

All that the Katiras have to do is speak. Instantly, auto drivers grow nostalgic, elders fall at their feet and relatives start asking deep questions. "We sometimes feel like animals in the zoo," says Mitesh Katira, whose home is one of the few Gujarati households in Mulund that has long replaced 'Kem Cho' with 'Katham Asthi'. For almost 10 years now, the Katiras have been speaking Sanskrit at home and often startle their Marathi maid by asking for 'soopam' (dal) and 'jalam' (water).

In fact, Sanskrit is mentioned as the mother tongue in the school admission form of six-year-old Maitri, who is currently trying to convince her father that a tube light is called 'vidyutdeepaha' and not 'dandadeepaha'. Despite all this, the Katiras feel unworthy of our camera. "Are the Germans applauded for speaking German or the Japanese for speaking Japanese?" asks Mitesh. "Why are Indians singled out for knowing an Indian language?" asks the chartered accountant, who knows the answer but doesn't like it.................Read more


Source web page: The Times of India

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