Last of the Great Mughal Emperors

Aurangzeb is remembered for razing Hindu temples, forcing conversions, and banning music outright. Maxwell Carter reviews ‘Aurangzeb’ by Audrey Truschke.


Some eight decades before Elizabeth I granted the English East India Co. its charter—and, for that matter, before Henry VIII ever set eyes on Anne Boleyn—the Mughals, Turkic-Muslim descendants of Tamerlane and Genghis Khan, marched southeast from modern-day Uzbekistan into the Punjab. Across six generations, until their precipitous 18th-century decline, the Mughals conquered much of the subcontinent and synthesized Central and South Asian aesthetic, spiritual and social traditions, leaving behind splendid miniature paintings, exquisitely proportioned tombs and fresh-as-paint chronicles of court life....Read more


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