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Have you ever wished that you had kept those photos of your neighbourhood that you had clicked two decades ago? No matter how hard you try to recall some of its features back then, the mental picture is always fuzzy around the ages, isn’t it? So, here is a call from The Hindu Downtown to residents to record words and images about their neighbourhoods every day, and create hyperlocal history. We offer guidelines from chroniclers of history on how to go about this

History is born when current events are chronicled. These events may unfold on the global stage, or just across the road, on a hawkers-lined pavement. If you caught the drift of what we are saying, hyperlocal history is as important as any other form of history.

Hyperlocal history, which can also be called neighbourhood history, provides a sense of continuity to local spaces, which is significant when we consider how rapid changes sweeping through neighbourhoods are changing them beyond recognition.

Define it yourself

“Local history can be about anything and there is no restriction to what constitutes local history,” says historian Venkatesh Ramakrishnan. It can be a building in a neighbourhood, a street or a village or a famous personality who lived in that area, he adds.

For Thirupurasundari Sevvel, who founded the Anna Nagar social history group “Nam Veedu, Nam Oor, Nam Kadhai”, local history is common man’s history......Read more


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