The historical rock cut architecture of India is of unprecedented richness and variety. Several of rock-cut temples in India belong to the most amazing achievements of ancient cultures worldwide.

Below are listed 10 most amazing historical rock-cut temples in India.

We start with No.10 and at the end comes the best – No.1.! Each of these landmarks represents an unbelievable achievement of ancient artists and artisans.

In two nearby hills – Udayagiri and Khandagiri – next to some natural caves in the 1st century BC were hewn some 27 – 35 rock cut Jain temples. Some of the temples currently are turned into Hinduist shrines.

These caves contain several important monuments of art and history.

Most impressive is Rani Gumpha (Cave 1) – a structure with two floors, adorned with exquisite stone carvings and Ganesa Gumpha (Cave 10) with its beautiful stone carvings. But also many other caves here contain beautiful ornamentation and sculptures. Thus Vyaghra Gumpha (Cave 12) has amazing entrance part, formed like a giant head of fantastic monster. Hathi Gumpha (Cave 14) contains very important monument of history – inscribed chronicles of King Kharavela’s reign.....Read more


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