Research in motion

Tools that keep us active while we work could give companies much-needed productivity gains and reducethe costs of keeping employees healthy.

Take a walk with me. We don’t need to go outside — I’m writing this on a treadmill desk.

“A what?,” I hear you ask.

I get that a lot. It reminds me of the early days of televisions or mobile telephones. The fact that you have one becomes a topic of conversation and amazement to those around you. As happened with the Blackberry or iPhone, there’s a good chance that, as costs decrease and companies buy in bulk, treadmill machines will lose their novelty factor and become standard issue. Many workers in Silicon Valley already have them.

The treadmill desk, a treadmill fitted to a raised desk so that workers can walk and work on their computers at the same time, has created a great deal of buzz. Journalists at Business Insider andThe New York Times have been checking them out, and academics have been researching whether these walking desks actually have benefits in terms of productivity..............Read More


Source: The Hindu

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