Overburdened hospitals in Orissa fail to deliver

When a man dies in a road accident, it becomes an issue or at least people talk about it, but even if 20 women die every day during childbirth, no one is concerned.


This quote said it all about the fate of pregnant women and the new born children in the country. More than 63,000 women die every year in India from pregnancy-related causes and a woman in India is 60 to 70 times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than a woman from a developed country. It is an irony that one life should be lost in the process of creating another.

This in spite of numerous initiatives taken by the Centre and State governments to encourage institutional deliveries including the special focus on the National Rural Health Mission, and the just launched Janani-Shishu Suraksha Karyakram. “The government has created a huge demand for health facilities for reproductive and child health care but failed to provide the facilities as a result of which people have lost faith in the system,” explains Nabin Pati, member of the White Ribbon Alliance-India, (in Orissa) a loose conglomerate of civil society groups working for mother and child health in the country.

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Source: The Hindu

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