Medics on mobikes provide SOS service for remote villages in Andhra Pradesh

The sidecar ambulance is the first responder for patients in several districts of the Agency areas in north Andhra Pradesh.

In Andhra Pradesh’s agency belt, there are dirt tracks and remote hamlets. Medical help is a far cry for the tribals in the hilly areas. Without roads, there are no ambulances to reach the sick either. The nearest primary health centre (PHC) or hospital looks too far.

To help tribals facing emergencies, including pregnant women, it had to be a new kind of solution. They had the ‘doli’, a makeshift stretcher, to carry patients to nearby primary health centres, but there had to be a vehicle to reach the nearest PHC, around 20 km away. Many women were suffering without help. For instance, a tribal woman Jindammi, who had a miscarriage on June 29, was being taken to Parvatipuram area hospital in a ‘doli’. It was an ordeal for her family to bring her, trekking almost 12 km to reach Duggeru sub-centre before shifting her to a hospital in Parvatipuram in an ambulance. Fortunately, doctors there could save her in spite of heavy bleeding. The issue caught the attention of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), sending officials into a tizzy to explain the geographical condition of tribal areas of Vizianagaram district.

After much mulling, the Andhra Pradesh government proposed the feeder ambulance — a novel sidecar carriage to tackle the problem. The Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) Parvatipuram Project Officer G. Lakshmisha took the initiative to place 24 feeder ambulances at remote points, each covering four to five remote villages of mandals like Gumma Lakshmipuram, Jiyyammavalasa, Kurupam, Komarada, Makkuva, Saluru, Pachipeta and other areas on April 28 this year. The ambulance is a six-and-half feet box attached to a 150-cc motorcycle with a cushioned semi-sleeper facility suited for movement of patients even on uneven ghat roads.....Read more


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