Fit or fad: Do wearable devices give credible data about your health?

WASHINGTON D.C. [USA]: Wearable devices have been a trending topic in health and wellness for a few years. A recent study was conducted to find their impact and usefulness in our daily lives. 

"Despite the fact that we live in an era of 'big data,' we know surprisingly little about the suitability or effectiveness of these devices," said lead author Dr Jonathan Peake at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. 

"Only five percent of these devices have been formally validated," he stated. 

The authors reviewed information on devices used both by everyday people desiring to keep track of their physical and psychological health and by athletes training to achieve certain performance levels. 

The devices -- ranging from so-called wrist trackers to smart garments and body sensors designed to track our body's vital signs and responses to stress and environmental influences -- fall into six categories: 

-devices for monitoring hydration status and metabolism 

-devices, garments and mobile applications for monitoring physical and psychological stress 

-wearable devices that provide physical biofeedback (e.g., muscle stimulation, haptic feedback) 

-devices that provide cognitive feedback and training 

-devices and applications for monitoring and promoting sleep 

-devices and applications for evaluating concussion 

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Source web page: Economic Times

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