Earbuds to help you sleep with snoring? 5 amazing gadgets from the Wearable Technology Show

The Wearable Technology Show isn't a big hitting behemoth tech conference like CES or MWC, but we've trawled the floor at the London event to find the weirdest and most innovative tech.

No major tech announcements were made at the show, but it's packed full of strange gadgets mostly focused on health and fitness industries, but there's also a smattering of VR and AR too.

We've put together this list of the five weird and wonderful products, prototypes and ideas we've seen shown off at the show. Some of them may never come to market, but each is worth knowing about if you're interested in technology you wear.

An earpiece to monitor your hydration

You won't be able to buy this anytime soon, but one of the most fascinating prototype devices we saw at the show included an earpiece made by the National Physical Laboratory that specializes in accurate measurement standards.

Accurately measuring how hydrated you are is a difficult task - one that often involves taking a blood sample - but this prototype device uses microwaves through your ear to see how much water is in your blood.


This is in the very early testing stages right now - the NPL doesn't even know if it works accurately enough - but it's testing and changing it to ensure it one day will be.

In the future it could become a consumer product designed to monitor how hydrated you are before, during and after a workout, or it could even be used to ensure professionals like fire fighters are drinking enough water.....Read more


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