Know Your Spice

You don’t need us to tell you that the best produce from any industry gets preference for export, before it can hit the local market. This is why Synthite, a business to business company that has been dealing with spices since 1972, started SPRIG 12 months ago.  According to Vishal Menon, Chief Development Officer, his Kerala-based brand “offers the best spices that money can buy.” This, in addition to also creating 100 per cent alcohol-free vanilla extracts. Currently available in over 100 stores across the country (think Godrej Nature’s Basket, Foodhall, etc), the gourmet consumer brand was launched in Chennai a month ago.Delivering across the country, customers can place orders for SPRIG’s line up of 15 products on, while Menon also shares that the brand is targeting 200 stores this year. On a quick visit to their website, we find premium spices including vanilla beans from Madagascar (blemishless beans allowed to grow to 17cms and matured for nine months before shipping) and other spices sourced from across the country. “We offer true alba-grade cinnamon (not cassia that is readily available in the local market) sourced from Ceylon,” Menon shares. Their black pepper, sourced from Thalassery (grown in the hills of Wayanad) comes from estates that grow the product exclusively for the brand. These corns are “thrice the size” of regular peppercorns, we’re told. Another product from Kerala is their whole green cinnamon from Alleppey (grown in Idukki), while international products incl-ude ingredients like the crushed and naturally dried Mexican chillies like Chipotle, Ancho, Guajillo and Pasilla. “Each of these chillies has its own unique flavours. They can be used in Indian recipes to transform dishes,” Menon points out...........Read more


Source web page: The New Indian Express

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