This nozzle will reduce your water use by 95 per cent

Ever felt guilty about wasting water while washing hands or vessels? Two city-based entrepreneurs have come up with a sustainable solution for this problem through their year-old company, Earth Fokus.  Both Roshan Karthik (23) and Arun Subramaniam (22) have a BTech degree in Automobile Engineering from the Madras Institute of Technology. They recently launched a nozzle — QuaMist — that converts the normal flow of water into mist. 

The innovators tell us that old aerators can be replaced with this tiny prism-shaped nozzle. There’s a small hole in the centre through which the mist comes out. On the whole, there are three parts — a washer with filter, nozzle and a cap. It can be fixed by anyone and turned clockwise for mist mode and anti-clockwise for flow mode. “The whole concept revolves around atomisation where water gets converted into sprinkles or droplets. When it comes with a certain force, water becomes mist.

On an average, an individual wastes 150 litres of water but with mist, it is believed we can save 95 per cent of water. Our mentor and investor Najeeba Zabeer was a great support.  She motivated us to start this as a project and it took us about six to eight months to come up with a satisfying prototype. We had done close to 20 models,” says Arun.....Read more


Source web page: New indian express


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