Wired world increasing environmental health risks of kids, say doctors

While popular concerns about environmental deterioration usually allude to air pollution, experts say a more diverse range of environmental exposures — farm to food toxins, internet pornography, video games, e-waste and glamorization of addictive substances in popular culture — pose increasingly significant health risks to children. This was revealed at 'Enrichcon 2016', the fifth national annual conference of the environmental and child health group of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, held at the AMA hall on Ashram Road, here on Sunday.

At the first instance of this national conference being held in Gujarat, Dr Jayant Gosai, the conference's organizing secretary, said: "These days, children are exposed to a much wider range of environment risk factors. Over the last few years, smartphones and mobile internet have created problems for children's normal mental and physical development by exposure to things like pornography and violent video games."

"Pediatric healthcare must now include a much greater range of environmental risk factors due to the wider range of environmental exposures children currently face," said Dr Ramesh Bajania, the conference's organizing chairperson...................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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