Textbooks Must Foster Gender Equality

CHENNAI: Images of men in uniform, and women engaged in household work. What’s wrong with this picture? They enforce gender stereotypes in the school textbooks of primary school children in India. This is just one example of the many ways in which the school curriculum, though it may not be anti-woman, does not take an effort at portraying gender equality. With a patriarchal past, and its shadow still looming large, this may not be surprising. It just goes to show what must change in the education of the present and future generations. This was the conclusion of a scintillating discussion between four women, able and vocal politicians all. Actor-politician Khushbu Sundar and MPs Kavitha Kalvakuntla, Sushmita Dev and Supriya Sule, gave people plenty of food for thought in the session on whether our curriculum was anti-woman. In a session replete with ideas, a liberal dose of feminine energy and indulgent humour, Omar Abdullah who played moderator was in his element......click for more



source web page:THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS

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