This time, the World Book Fair is a green affair

The World Book Fair to be held from January 6 to 14 here will have a dominant green theme. For a start, it will emphasise that Indian civilisation thought deeply about the environment thousands of years before climate change became a global concern.


Since the focus is on the environment, the fair is putting some eco-fiction too on the shelves. And, apart from discussions on contemporary concerns, environment protection in ancient Sanskrit lore is to be brought to life with visual representations. India’s ‘traditional orientation towards the protection of all creation’ — be it humans, water, air, or forests — will be debated. The theme is striking given that Delhi’s poor-to-hazardous air quality range has hit global headlines.

The event, however, seeks to reinforce the oft-repeated claim that traditional Indian thought was not centred around humans, contrasts it with ‘modern western thought’ that sees humans as central to the planet.......Read more


Source web page:The Hindu


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