Family has set up school to support special kids

Kaushik Palicha has a learning disability that restricts his ability to understand numbers. Every time he sits with his accounts team, the key numbers are spelt out for him to gauge the performance of the business. Kaushik, aged 42 years, and his brother Divyesh, aged 50 years, are at the helm of Ramcharan, a chemical distribution company started as a small partnership by their grandfather 50 years ago .

Today, Ramcharan is a 300 crore manufacturing and industrial distribution business, nurturing an in-house startup in logistics. Building on Kaushik's experience with the disability, the family's Ajit K Palicha Foundation has now set up a school to support children suffering from dyslexia, with trainers and psychiatrists sourced from within and abroad.

"The idea is to create an environment where there is a mechanism to help the children get up and move on when they fall,' said Kaushik. The school is fully equipped with electronic media and counsellors to support the children...................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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