Child marriage in the time of #selfiewithdaughter

In all the buzz about Narendra Modi's promotion of #selfiewithdaughter, what seems to have been overlooked is one bar baric form of discrimination that millions of daughters continue to suffer in this day and age. It's child marriage, which affects the upbringing of daughters and pushes them into situations long before they are physically and mentally capable of handling them. The country has displayed few signs of waking up to the gravity of the problem although it is home to, as borne out by Unicef figures, one in every three child brides in the world. India's own statistics admit that one in two women is married before turning 18.

Just as Nirbhaya galvanized public opinion against rape, Phulmonee did so against child marriage, way back in 1890. An 11-year-old girl in Bengal, Phulmonee died of hemorrhage from a rupture of vagina caused by her adult husband who had forced sex on her.............Read more


Source: The Times of India

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