Carved in and etched out

From painted coconuts to the romance of the seasons, Odisha’s patachitra artists bring their eclectic work to the city at this exhibition

In one corner of Forum Art Gallery, an elderly man sporting a waistcoat and a dhoti, sits on a He is busy at work. The fine outlines of a half-done figure of Krishna, with tiny loops and other similar elements of line drawings, garner my attention to the small canvas. The man stoops over the canvas, blissfully unaware of his surroundings. His hands move with the dexterity of an experienced practitioner, a simple brush made of squirrel hair, fastened tightly to a straight twig in tow — the work too doesn’t say otherwise. This is Sharat Kumar Sahoo, a 50year-old National award winning artist, at work. Around him, perched on the

charpai. patachitra

walls, are works of 11 artists — all from Raghurajpur, a tiny hamlet in Odisha — which together make for ‘Jagannatha: a hand-picked collection of fine Odisha patachitra’.

The walls are crowded with works that are replete with many small elements that catch one’s eye only when observed closely. on coconuts



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