Become a farmer on the weekends with Farmizen

The Bengaluru-based app is spreading its roots in Hyderabad, Surat, and soon, Chennai. Rent out nearby farmland to plant your own vegetables

There’s something to be said about growing your own food: damp soil beneath your feet, hands weeding, the smell of fresh grass, and that feeling of watching seeds turn into vegetables . You eat what you sow, and so you know exactly what is going into your body. Romantic as it is, for most of us city-dwellers living in matchbox apartments, it is also unviable.

Farmizen has a solution

The app allows you to rent out, on a subscription model, a section of a nearby farm that you can control via the app. You can choose whatever is to be grown there, and the farmhands, who work in collaboration with Farmizen, will do the required work for you. On weekends that you are free, you can drive down to oversee your farm, or work on it yourself.

“The idea was to bring people closer to the food they ate,” says Shameek Chakravarty, who founded the app, along with his wife, Gitanjali Rajamani, and Sudhakiran Balasubramaniam. The app, that launched over a year ago in Bengaluru, is now available in Hyderabad and Surat, and is about to be launched in Chennai in the next two months. “You can also place orders for vegetables on the app now, even before they are harvested,” he adds, “We hold weekly markets for organic farmers in Bengaluru.”

Farmizen’s motto of full traceability for consumers (you can see videos and photos of the farm on your app) certainly sounds tempting. As the recent viral video of a food-delivery boy tampering with the packaging of an order, eating the food inside, and re-sealing it, shows — when your food comes to your doorstep, you don’t know exactly what goes into it.....Read  more

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