Garden of Aromatic Spices Part 2

Mustard, Cumin, Fenugreek, Curry leaf: This trio or quartet of spices commonly used in ‘seasoning’ most Indian foods is easy to grow in the kitchen garden

Like other herbs and spices, these easy-to-grow kitchen staples can be started from seed available in your kitchen; however, use only unprocessed seeds. They can be grown in garden beds and also thrive in pots on a window ledge or a sunny terrace. If planted in successive batches, the fresh and organically grown seeds and leaves can be harvested through the year. Remember to save some home-grown seeds after harvest for the next planting cycle.

Mustard: A kitchen essential with culinary and medicinal uses, mustard is one of the easiest plants to grow. It can be grown with slight variations for both its leaves as well as its pungent seed. Like other essential herbs and spices, it is best to grow mustard greens in succession, depending on your needs.

Sow the seeds directly in soil rich in organic matter — in a garden bed or in pots. When growing mustard for both seed and greens, plant in separate containers. Seeds for greens can be scattered over the surface of the soil and then covered with a thin layer of compost. Harvest the greens when the leaves are fully formed and tender. If you plan to harvest the mustard seeds, leave a space of four inches between the seeds to allow the plants to grow to maturity. Seeds pods form shortly after the flowers appear; harvest as soon as the pods turn brown. As the pods will burst on maturity, place them in a large paper bag where the seeds can be easily collected. Dry the seeds in the sun before storing away.....Read more


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