A jungle in a bottle

Shaun D’Sa on why the process of creation is therapeutic

Clutter isn’t necessarily a bad thing in Shaun D’Sa’s world. It’s hard for him to let go. That explains why his workspace has everything; from spokes of wheels to driftwood. But they aren’t just gathering dust. Instead, they find themselves in the objets d’art he creates. There are terrariums, a bunch of them created by him, in various shapes and sizes, embellished with wood, pebbles, toy dinosaurs and animal miniatures. There are tubes, big glass jars, bulbs and many more.

I lost count after 12, but there are 70, according to D’Sa. Some date back four years. “That’s when I started making terrariums. I have this habit of looking for small plants by the side of the road and seeing what’s thriving without water..................Read more


Source: The Hindu


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