A golden harvest of sweetness and profit

Most Nagaland farmers are dependent, directly or otherwise, on pineapple cultivation


Lhingnei and her husband Thongkeng work in a pineapple farm at Muolvom village in Nagaland’s Medziphema division, a place famous for pineapples.

Monsoon being the peak season for harvest, the couple work tirelessly, from morning till evening, with a little rest over lunch which they prepare and have on the farm itself during a break.

Pineapple fruit has two seasons in a year, explain the couple — first from July to September and later in Autumn. The couple, like many others in the village, are engaged all year through with the pineapple farm. “We have no other job or occupation, we work round the year,” says Lhingnei. During the off season, they weed the farm and take care of other things such as post-harvest management. The fruits are manually plucked from the farm and carried in a traditional basket. They pile up at the farm gate where the trader (mostly a middleman) from the town comes to collect the fruits in the evening.

Muolvom is about 30 km from main Dimapur city in Nagaland where the plucked pineapple is unpacked. It is marketed here. However, the bulk of it goes further to Assam, mostly Guwahati, from where it is transported to other parts of the country, either as fresh fruit or in other form such as juice or processed form.....Read more


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