Farmers opting for hybrid seeds for better returns, lower risks

A farmer will say to himself, that, by using the hybrid variety he will get 30 per cent higher yield. “Or that he will use Bt cotton and get higher yield. He is going to use less pesticide on this, and, that means his costs are reduced.”

Kripa Raman

Mumbai, Jan. 23

It is quite common for Indians who visit the US to marvel at the size and colour of the vegetables and fruit they see in the supermarkets there.

However, it is not unusual to have them admit on their return that the Indian produce, which looks scrawny and shrunken in comparison, actually tastes better.

Dr Raju Barwale, Managing Director of seeds company Mahyco, admits that this is often the case.

Then why are seeds companies, such as his, selling to the Indian farmers, hybrid and genetically-modified plant varieties that will increasingly give the kind of produce that one can see in the US ?

Matter of choice

It is the economics of it, and it is a matter of choice, according to Dr Barwale, who estimates the seeds market in India to be around Rs. 6,000-7,000 crore. An Indian farmer is free to grow whatever variety he pleases, whether ‘native' (open pollinated), hybrid or genetically-modified ( Bt cotton)...........Click for more


Source Web Page: Businessline

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