Duplicate pesticides affect apple production in Kashmir

Farmers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag District are complaining their apple trees are getting affected because of the use of duplicate pesticides. Farmers are complaining that because of the sub standard fertilizers and pesticides, their apple crops are prone to many diseases.

“We have all duplicate fertilizers. Ten years ago we used similar kind of pesticides but at that time there was no such problem in the pesticides but today when we are spraying the same pesticides, our trees are suffering from various diseases. Apples are falling before they have grown. This is because of the duplicate fertilizers,” said Mudasir Dar, farmer.

Meanwhile the dealers say that they have no clue why the crops are getting affected as they sell what they buy from the wholesalers.

“Farmers buy fertilizers and pesticides every year but everyone complaints that they are of no use at all. We don’t know why. We receive it from the wholesalers so we sell them,” said Mohammad Ashraf, pesticide and fertilizer dealer..........Read More


Source Web Page: The Hindu

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