Deadly mix: Paying with lives for profits and pest-free yield

TIRUCHY/PERAMBALUR/ARIYALUR:  Azhaguthurai regained consciousness. He was placed on the ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit of a private hospital in Tiruchy for two days. Azhaguthurai’s family was waiting outside, fearing the worst, understandably after hearing news that two of his friends who sprayed chemicals on cotton fields on the same day as Azhaguthurai did not survive.

Azhgahuthurai was a perfectly healthy 40-year-old farmer from Sithali without any chronic illness until that fateful day on October 24, when he wore a battery sprayer on his back, loaded with a mixture of Profigun, an organophosphate mixed with Luphos 36, a variant of Monocrotophos, and sprayed on his cotton field. Little did he know that Monocrotophos was banned in 46 countries across the world and can be even riskier if he mixes that pesticide with an insecticide as poisonous as ‘Profigun’. But he knew that, Raja, his fellow villager from Sithali and Selvam, a neighbouring villager from Othiyam, were spraying the same mixture too......Read more


Source web page:New Indian Express

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