Introduction of machines not for replacing farm workers

The farm workers of Kuttanad were not coming forward to learn how to operate the machines used in the paddy fields. This was noticed by the Rice Research Station (RRS), Mankombu, when they started training for persons in handling agriculture-related machines.

S.Leenakumari, Director, RRS, said that the introduction of machines in paddy fields should not be for the purpose of replacing farm workers, but to reduce their hard labour. “For example, sowing of seeds on line seeding method employing drum seeder machines are better than broadcasting methods employed traditionally by farmers. After 30 days of broadcasting of seeds, the gaps between paddy saplings were to be filled by the workers, especially women workers. Now there is a shortage of farm workers. Also, the drum seeder machine helps in saving seeds,” she pointed out.

Her comments came in the backdrop of youngsters from farmers’ families not opting to work at the paddy fields..........Read More


Source: The Hindu

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