Farmers in state urged to use zero tillage machine for better yield

New to Bihar, Zero Tillage Machine, operates in small farms easily after being tied to power tillers ( mini tractors). It enhances farm yield by drilling the soil and at the same time sowing the seeds while being driven by a power tiller by the small and marginal farmers.

In 2011, agriculture scientists had goaded around 800 small and marginal farmers to purchase this machine and use them in their small farms to get higher yield, said director, agriculture, Arvinder Singh, adding that farm yield due to use of this machine has enhanced by 25 percent to 30 percent. This led the state to encourage these farmers to purchase the machine at the recently concluded Farm Mechanization Fair, he said.

The machine drills and sow seeds between the stubbles of the previously harvested crops. There is no ploughing of the agriculture field and so the moisture in the soil remains intact which promotes fast germination of the plants from the seeds. This machine saves energy and time of the farmers and help conserve moisture in the soil as there is no ploughing which normally dries the moisture of the soil, Singh said........Read More


Source: Times of India

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