Are you as wired as your teenager?

It’s that time of the year when children home for summer start packing their bags to go back to school or college, and parents whose 18-year-olds are leaving home for the first time casually ask: “So who fixes the computer when he’s not around?”

I am fairly comfortable handling technology but I must confess that I often find it difficult to manage some of the programs that our son leaves behind on our desktop. The bewildering array of gadgets hooked up to the computer and the jungle of cables under the table can turn even a gadget-friendly person into a technophobe. They know which cable belongs to what, but when they are gone, heaven help you if you accidentally disconnect a wire as you vacuum under the table, or fiddle with the Wi-Fi router and are asked by the operator to change the “DNS settings”. You are in trouble.......................Click for more



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