The future is wooden

"Vivek Bhatter knows that the unfamiliarity element in his venture can pitch beams of doubt in the minds of potential clients, but the Delhi entrepreneur vouches for the safety and sustainability of houses he assures can be built in a week’s time. No iron rods, no cement plaster, no steel railings. Even as their prices are flying through the roof, people customarily go for concrete dwellings—a fact that frustrates the director of Satvik Collections in the national capital.

That’s why Bhatter says it isn’t a bad idea to invest in a wooden house next time. “Because this concept is still new to cities, it will take some time for people to acquaint themselves with the idea. But once they understand the durability and sustainability of these houses, they will be in huge demand,” says the innovator, whose company is among the very few that builds such houses in the country.".........Read More


Source Web Page: Express Buzz


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