Traditional games like Gilli Danda, Chess, Pachisi make comeback in toy market

CHENNAI: Would you like to battle with Ravana? Meet legendary characters like Hanuman, Jambavan, Indrajit or Kumbakarna? Games like the 'Battle of Lanka,' 'Vanavaas' or 'Search for Sita' help a child get familiar with every turn and twist of the Ramayana.
Packed with oodles of information, painted in attractive colours, unconventional toys are gaining a comeback as 'educative' becomes the keyword in toy purchases.

Ancient games like Pachisi, Shatranj (chess), Palanghuzhi, Bambaram (wooden spinning tops), Satoliya, Gilli danda (a form of cricket), Chauka Bara are also seeing a revival of sorts. With more Indian manufacturers and retailers like iFolk Channapatna, Bengaluru-based Varnam, Chennai-based Kreeda, Desi Toys, Baby Oye and FirstCry entering the space, conscious parents are opting for such wooden, ethnic toys over their cheaper plastic counterparts. For some the choice is ecofriendly, for others its about learning one's culture and heritage.

"India has a rich culture and heritage, and yet many of our kids play Snakes and Ladders without knowing its origin lies in the Indian game Parama Padam. Likewise the Indian Shatranj is quite different, the foreplay, the opening moves from Western chess. Even the pawns used in the games differ from region to region....Read more


Source web page:Times of India

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