Organic missionaries

A year ago, three techies—Laxminarayan Srinivasaiah, Anil Nadig and Srivatsa S Shandilya, all eager to do something for society—incubated a company, Jivabhumi, at IIM-Bangalore. And here they are successfully managing the front, bringing farmers and consumers on one online platform for easy exchange of natural food for money.

“Started as a pilot project in August 2015 and officially registered as a company in February 2016, Jivabhumi aims at making lives of farmers easier, and paving way for availability of naturally grown groceries to consumers,” says co-founder Srinivasaiah, 40.

The natural products, grown without use of any chemical fertilisers and pesticides, are delivered twice a month by the firm that is operational only in Bengaluru through its online portal .................................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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