Heady and high on attar

 Decorated crystal bottles and colourful decanters are lined up neatly inside a glass shelf. The strong fragrances coming out of these pretty little bottles are heady. attar, also known as ittar, is highly concentrated perfume and its origin can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

For the uninitiated, attar is nothing but the essence of flowers and plants that’s refined with essential oils along with other ingredients.

“There are customers who use body sprays and perfumes as well, but attar is still popular. From teenagers to old people, everybody still prefers it,” says Mohammad Sulaiman, Elite Attar, Parrys, which began as a family business 20 years ago. “There are many buyers for attar because just one dab on your wrist makes the entire room fragrant.”

Many shopkeepers attribute its popularity to its ingredients. “Attar has no alcohol, and hence doesn’t evaporate. They are concentrated essences that’s used to make the perfumes,” says Mohammed Saad, Dawood Attar, Tambaram.....Read more


Source web page:New Indian Express

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