ET Awards for Corporate Excellence: How the winners made it to the Hall of Fame

ET adopted a democratic, participative and rigorous process to choose the best and the brightest of India Inc. This included significant innovations in the manner in which the jury meeting was conducted. Unlike previous years, there was no pre-designated chairman. Instead the jury was asked to select a chairman by way of voting. The jury unanimously elected Chanda Kochhar, Chairman and CEO, ICICI.

Chosing Winners
The winners were chosen bysecret ballot. The jury began by shortlisting two candidates from the nominee list via a secret ballot. They then debated the merits of those two candidates, looking at financial data, news reports and the dossiers prepared by ET. After these deliberations, they voted once again for their choice from these shortlisted candidates, again by secret ballot.

While jury members spoke freely about the merits and flaws of the nominees, keeping the actual ballot secret was intended to make the process purer. The votes were counted by ET staff...............Read more


Source: The Economic Times

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