Dali meets Corian in Bharathi Raviprakash’s new jewellery

Bharathi Raviprakash’s new line of jewels combines an uncommon approach to precious stones and an ease with new-age materials

Three years ago, Bharathi Raviprakash unveiled rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants featuring large, untreated rubies, cabochon emeralds and rutile quartz in New Delhi. She let the raw, rugged nature of each gemstone remain undisturbed, pairing them with basic gold and copper wire. And the photos that accompanied this collection curated by designers Abraham & Thakore, featured the jewellery on aged hands, neck and ears – the deep grooves and wrinkles of their 90-plus model mirroring the beautiful inclusions in the stones. I remember her telling me then how an extraordinary stone benefits more from the strong personality rather than the physical beauty of its wearer.

Today, as she gives me a tour of her new Studio Tara address in Chennai’s cultural hub, Mylapore, it is evident that her audacious approach to gemstones remains; only this time, there is her connect with new-age materials, and a conscious effort to scale to meet the demands of a global audience. Her two collections, Mulino and Dali, inspired by visits in 2016 to Munich and Spain respectively, comprise about 50 pieces each. Mulino references windmills in 18 karat gold, while Dali, in black and white Corian — a solid-surface material made from an acrylic polymer — is a nod to the eccentric Spanish surrealist.....Read more


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