Working Towards Creating a Socially Responsible India

Thanks to the increasing number of socially aware youngsters, Chennai has been seeing a number of student initiatives and NGOs mushrooming in recent times. “When we reach the age of 18 or 19, we become socially aware. We are driven to bring about a change,” says, Supraja Narayanaswamy, a volunteer at Becoming I. The NGO was founded in 2010 by young Tanvi Girotra who was just 18 then. Supraja, who graduated from Stella Maris last year, currently heads the project Knock Knock (for RTE implementation) under Becoming I. 

The Green Nest, an NGO started by Prithvi Tej Tulluri, a student of SRM College, teaches underprivileged children the basics of English, apart from working towards a cleaner and greener environment. Prithvi started The Green Nest in Hyderabad and later introduced it in Chennai.........Read more


Source: The New Indian Express 

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