Swachh Sweep of Bengaluru

Armed with paintbrushes, gloves and masks, a group of a thousand youngsters go about cleaning and beautifying Bengaluru during weekends. They are a part of Youth For Parivarthan (YFP), an NGO engaged in cleaning the city of litter, garbage, posters, painting walls, cleaning drains and streets.

Amith Amarnath, founder of YFP and a law student at Christ University, was always very particular about not littering the streets, but did not do much to address the larger garbage problem that the city is faced with. “Earlier, I whiled away my weekends on my couch doing nothing. Now, I feel like I have become a responsible citizen,” he says.

When he discussed organised, citizen-driven clean-up drives with his classmate Nishanth S R a year ago, he came up against skepticism. “I told Amith that so many NGOs start with this motive but fizzle out in no time due to lack of public cooperation,” says Nishanth. But the friends decided to experiment; they registered YFP as a society on June 3 last year.

The duo and hundreds of other students invest six to eight hours almost every weekend as well as their pocket money in the clean-up drives. Thirty-five drives have been carried out so far, and the group—with 250 registered members and 700 unofficial ones—celebrated their first anniversary earlier this month..........Read more


Source web page: The New Indian Express

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