Anshu Gupta: Give with dignity

Feel grateful to the person who is giving you an opportunity to feel great about yourself when you give something to him or her

As I sat down to write this piece, I came across news of actor Nana Patekar giving out cheques to widows of farmers who committed suicide in Vidarbha, Maharashtra. It’s difficult not to be moved by such news. He is a celebrity you may say, but there are thousands like him—bigger, richer, more influential maybe. I think what distinguishes him from others is that one step that he took after he felt something so intensely that he couldn’t but take some action.

The issues that we feel for may be different for each one of us. For me, when I see a little child playing around naked, it bothers me. When I see a homeless man struggling in winter, with only a shirt on his back, it bothers me. Giving helps me in addressing my need first to feel good. I certainly get a good night’s sleep...............Read more


Source: livemint


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