Amit Chandra | Shift the focus on internal governance

There is a growing belief that civil society can play a tremendous role in helping raise the standards of governance of the social sector. I subscribe to the view that society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can and should actively partner the government, while also aiming to drive a lot of change by themselves. However, a fair degree of cynicism exists about NGOs at large, and many in the social sector believe that the real obstacle is inability to garner substantially greater resources, both financial and human. However, working with the social sector closely over a 15-year period, I have come to realize that this despair, while understandable, is often misplaced. I believe that much greater progress is possible, and that it is no accident that very few NGOs have meaningfully scaled and/or can claim to have made significant impact. If you look at the few success stories in this sector and the many failures, it is evident that three key issues relating to governance hold the sector back................Read more


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