Along the Elliots Beach, a learning journey in another person’s shoes

Sunday morning saw the coming together of a number of happy people on Elliots Beach, as the organisers of Shaastra, the annual tech festival of IIT-Madras, and Explore Differently, an NGO, organised an event called ‘A walk in my shoes’. This was a pre-event for the Accessibility Summit that will be held during the Shaastra festival, from December 31 to January 3, 2017. The aim of the summit is to spread awareness about issues that Persons with Disabilities (PwD) face and help come up with solutions to help them out.

Both PwDs and the able-bodied participated in activities such as wheelchair maze, blindfolded walk and headphone debate, which was a non-verbal game of communication. “These challenges did not constitute a person’s situation in totality. Experiencing these challenges might not make one understand someone’s situation completely, but it starts a journey for participants to explore further,” says Deepak, a core member of Explore Differently.............Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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