A man in the service of the needy

N.S. Venkatraman is a successful businessman without the airs of one. He travels by MTC buses.

He heads Nandini Consultancy Centre Private Limited, which is well known among chemical engineers and has its operations in Singapore too.

Venkatraman conducts free courses in spoken English and computer science for underprivileged students and graduates.

“Initiatives from individuals to solve social problems are as important as government welfare measures. Helping the underprivileged helps both the helped and the helper, ” says Venkatraman.

He founded Nandini Voice for the Deprived in 1995, a non-governmental organisation in Besant Nagar, with an aim to help the poor. “One of our objectives is to promote probity in public life and deliberate on socio-economic issues in an objective manner,” he adds.

Venkatraman believes in the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, Kanchi Paramacharya and Swami Vivekananda.

“My company is doing well. So it is essential that I share my income with someone who is less privileged. Mahatma Gandhi said that every person who has income beyond his needs should consider himself as the trustee of the society and live accordingly. When there is a desire to serve the cause of the downtrodden, simplicity in living inevitably happens,” says Venkatraman.............Read more


Source web page: The Hindu

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