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Thirteen-year-old Aksharaa Agarwal says writing a book was a learning experience

Aksharaa Agarwal feels like a celebrity. Her friends queue up to get her autograph. The 13-year-old’s book, Lost: The Capture, published by Story Mirror, was launched at EHotel on Sunday.

However, amidst the fame and attention, Aksharaa is not someone to forget her friends easily. Even while her parents ask her to spend time with the press, she runs off-stage to hug her best friend and write a personalised note in her copy. After all, she owes her fame to them, especially the ones who chased her around the school to continue writing the story. “I used to read out some chapters to them. They found it very gripping. They would wait in anticipation to know where the story was headed. I would read the draft twice; once as a writer, and then as a reader,” says Aksharaa. Her English teachers also constantly encouraged and supported her, she adds..........Read more


Source: The Hindu

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